9 Best Apps for Moms to Download Right Now

9 Best Apps for Moms to Download Right Now

It is the new year. You have heard them. You have probably made them: goals, resolutions, or yearly objectives.

By March, you are feeling overwhelmed and significantly behind in your goal achievement success.

I like combining technology with old time classics, so I have found some really great apps to help you achieve harmony and balance this year.

Do you want a fun way to encourage yourself to get some exercise?

Habitica makes achieving your goals a game and it has a social aspect to it if you need group encouragement. This app can also be used for things that just need to get done (accountability for work, cleaning those big items, etc).

Is better organization one of your needs?  

I have two ideas – one for the overwhelming emails and one for all of the day to day “stuff.”

Use Unroll.Me to declutter your e-mail.

Use Remember the Milk for those things on your to-do list you always forget.

Finance – Everyone can use a way to “clean up” that area, or just be aware of what is happening to their money.  

Daily Budget Original is super easy with no extra bells and whistles. It helps you to know and stick to your budget.

Overwhelmed by the news?

Do you just want to get a glimpse of some headlines each day and pick which types of topics come through to your front page? With Flipboard, you can even choose from magazines.

Want to make sure your emergency contacts know where you are?

Companion is for people who hike, jog, or simply take off on their on own for distances (even road trips). You plug in your coordinates, then you put down two or three contacts. When you might have reached your destination, your phone asks if you made it. If you do not respond, your map is sent to your contacts. Sounds like a smart safety idea!

Are meal prep and grocery shopping stressors for you?

I have tried the “in the mail dinner” services. I liked them, but I couldn’t keep up with them.  Mealime is so similar. You choose your meals from ones they list or ones you input. It generates a grocery list and “presto” you have your weekly dinner plan ready!

Do you like to listen to audiobooks?

How do you escape the day to day? I read. I also listen to books on my iPhone.  If you haven’t found Overdrive yet, you need to! If you have children, this is great too! You can download audio books (or ebooks) from wherever you are, right to your device, free from your library. This brings a lot of fun to the next time you road trip to Grandma’s, or if there are no kids in the car, find a great thriller, mystery, romance, or nonfiction to learn from.

Hate peeing in public bathrooms?

Whether you have children that always “have to go” or you have reached the age where you have that cup of coffee and soon after you are looking for “the loo,” Sit or Squat is great! It not only tells you where are all the nearest bathrooms are, but they are rated on cleanliness! The app you didn’t know you needed until you had it!

The technological age is here, I am going to embrace it by looking at how it can make my life a little easier.  Maybe it can make me look more “put together” as well!  What am I downloading today? The budget app! I want to be ready for the new year. I am already playing with Mealime! Happy New Year!

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Kara Peterson

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