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About The Author


 Kara Peterson


Kara Peterson is the, “voice,” behind the Epic Engineer.

She is a wife.

She is a teacher.

She is a writer.

Perhaps most importantly, she is on the same journey so many are on: Motherhood, the journey of survival.


You know the one: raise happy, well-adjusted, productive citizens that eat healthy meals.  The continuing pursuit to play educational games with your children while reading often to them.  All of this while ensuring that you are staying current with all of the parenting trends (constant questions on whether to vaccinate or not, to home school or not, to use terms such as, “no,” or not, etc.).  Most of the time, parenting is not simply about discovering how to make sure those amazing children thrive, but instead how to make sure everyone survives.

This is where Fun Why Stories was born.


About Fun Why Stories


This series of moral stories for children was created for a purpose.  Each story answers, in some way, the many, “Why,” questions that invariably come up throughout our children’s exploration of life.   These little inquiries always seem to be important questions.  The stories are rich in meaning and regaled in an enchanting way.  Questions inevitably arise as children read through the story, or are read to, and questions are posed throughout the app that parents or teachers can choose to, “show,” to children in order engage on a deeper level as the story is explored.

The entire Fun Why Stories collection can be enjoyed at home and in the classroom.  We have lesson plans that pair well with the stories and are designed to enhance understanding of the English language, poetic form, and moral reasoning.  The Fun Why Stories collection explores ethical concepts in a non-threatening way with memorable characters, beautiful characters, rich illustrations, and poetic prose.  These powerful stories are intended to be childhood keepsakes.  The print versions are limited edition and are numbered and signed by the author.


The Possum's Tale


The Possum’s Tale is a story about a prank that goes horribly wrong. It is an adaptation of a Cherokee legend accompanied by fun rhymes, beautiful illustrations and hidden images.

As the story unfolds, children are naturally drawn into feelings of empathy and injustice. In spite of everything that happens in the story, the animals all come to the conclusion that they are special and wondrous in some way.

Possum Tail