Epic Engineer

I am going to let you in on a secret; I am a little bit of geek.

I can sit, very happily, and rearrange words to give them rhythm, sound, patterns and rhyme and love what I construct.  I have decided I am a word engineer.

There is also a type of poem: Epic.

An epic poem tells a story and describes a specific heroic ideal.  My stories don’t fit this exactly, however, my stories are all poems with specific structure.  They also usually have an underlying issue, for example the first story, “The Possum’s Tail” can spark a lot of conversation about bullying.  My second story has an underlying theme about disabilities and overcoming them.  The relevant “now” theme is never over bearing.  It is something that can be discussed or it can be lost in the magic of the story and the music of the rhymes.

The stories are also “epic” in their vision.  I envision a world of “Epic Change”.  I will be donating 30% of my app to organizations, primarily child focused.  As well, I am hoping to set up a scholarship fun.  Isn’t the expression, “Go big or go home”?  I am going “Epic”!

Epic Engineer Kara Peterson Author