Lesson Plans

Each of our lesson plans is provided by author and teacher, Kara Peterson.  The plans are designed to pair with, “The Possum’s Tale,” and include a myriad of methods to examine the book for use with teaching students English lessons and moral reasoning.  The lesson plans and the book are designed to introduce these concepts in a non-threatening way in order to open up these topics for more thorough examination.  Through further exploration, children can begin learning more about how their actions affect those around them.  Contact us to obtain copies of our lesson plans, or to Book an Event or Reading for your class.

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Lesson Plan: Rhyming and Syllables

In this lesson, students will explore some of the concepts of poetic writing.  They will be tasked with considering words that rhyme and asked to devise their own.  They will be engaged in intriguing ways to examine foundational understandings.  They will explore words with multiple syllables and proper use of regular and irregular verbs.  This lesson plan is modifiable to suit a variety of grade levels with more difficult tasks posed to older children.


Lesson Plan: Vocabulary

In this plan, children are introduced to the concepts of contextual clues with thought-provoking methods of examining how this occurs.  The words selected for this activity are best suited to third grade readers.  In addition, this lesson includes examining figurative language and nuance in particular usage.


Lesson Plan: Comprehension

We examine here different methods of storytelling and multiple meanings of words.  Students are tasked with learning how to determine main plots and underlying messages within stories.  This lesson includes opportunities for group challenges and learning.


Lesson Plan: Writing

In this lesson, children are tasked with demonstrating their command of the English language.  They are tasked with further examining point of view and chain of events.  Students will be asked to produce some of their own written material in this lesson.


Lesson Plan: Traits

Students take a deeper look at character traits in this lesson plan.  They will examine characters through a series of lenses to better grasp their reactions to certain characters.  This thought provoking activity can be a great introduction to some of the, “why,” questions that children have.