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If you were a salad, which vegetable would you be?

Have you ever compared your life to a tossed salad?

Which vegetable would you be?

What if the people you love and depend upon the most are the lettuce? They may not be very exciting or colorful, but they are the bulk of that salad. They are what holds the entire salad together.

There are not a lot of fabulous greens out there that I want for the bulk of my meal, but the ones I do count on; well they are there for me, regardless of season.

They aren’t flashy.

They aren’t colorful, all varying shades of green.

What do they have in common? They’re consistent and dependable. They add to everything around them but don’t stand out on their own. They fill my bowl.

However, I cannot survive on greens alone for my meal salads.  There are so many colorful and enticing flavors that can spark up a bowl of greens on any day.

For me, roasted corn, tomatoes, pearlized cous cous, sunflower seeds, cranberries, and a protein create a very flavorful salad indeed.

Yet, I like many flavors on any given day, some days I may want spice cooled with a little avocado.

Other days I may feel the need for garden variety and have an old fashioned cucumber, bell pepper, red onion, and tomato atop a crunchy green leaf.

What does all of this mean?

I looked for a long time at my salads and I figured out that my salads mimic the people in my life.

I do NOT have a lot of people I count on who are my confidants that I turn to on the brightest and dimmest days. Likewise I do not have a lot of greens for my salads and yet I never get bored with the choices I have. I am never without a green for a salad and I always have at least one lettuce in season to fill my bowl.

Then I looked at the vegetables in my salad. These too reminded me of the people I interact with daily, weekly, and sometimes monthly.

There are some flavors I cannot get enough of and they are almost as constant as my greens. There are others that I love deeply, but I know they are best served on their own terms.

What was the most important lesson I learned as I ate my salad?

The people you choose for your family may not be your “everything” but they will do anything that they can for you. This is important to remember when they are not being the other flavors in your life you need. This is why you have so many friends that are total fruits and vegetables! These friends are what bring your color and zing to your salad and life, because you are secure enough with your lettuce to enjoy the bounty!

-Kara a.k.a. Epic Engineer

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