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Fourth of July Sale!

The Possum’s Tale is $5 off now through July 6th! Grab your copy right here!

Did you know that The Possum’s Tale was made in America?

Of course I wrote it and I’m American, but more than that, I worked hard to make sure that every step of this book, from the illustrations to the printing, used local resources.

My illustrator, Venus Nguyen, lives right here in Arizona. I had the printing done in Tempe, Arizona. Even the packing material I used was made right here in Arizona. This was something that was very important to me and I love knowing that the work I’m doing also helps to employ Americans here in my own state.

I am sharing a short video here to tell you more about that process:

To grab your copy of this #adeinamerica book while it’s on sale, click right here!

-Kara a.k.a. Epic Engineer

p.s. When you buy your copy of The Possum’s Tale during this sale, you’ll also receive a free copy of The Possum’s Tale coloring book ($7.99 value)!

Kara Peterson

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