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About The Possum’s Tale


The Possum’s Tale is a story about a prank that goes horribly wrong. It is an adaptation of a Cherokee legend accompanied by fun rhymes, beautiful illustrations and hidden images.

As the story unfolds, children are naturally drawn into feelings of empathy and injustice. In spite of everything that happens in the story, the animals all come to the conclusion that they are special and wondrous in some way.

What sets The Possum’s Tale apart from other moral stories for children?

The Possum’s Tale can be read and enjoyed by readers of various ages.  It is designed to entertain and engage children through beautiful illustration, memorable characters, and lilting prose.  In addition, The Possum’s Tale encourages children to explore some of life’s deeper moral questions by presenting ethical issues in a nonthreatening manner.

Each copy of The Possum’s Tale is numbered and signed as part of a limited edition print.  With a faux leather cover and gold leaf decoration, The Possum’s Tale is a beautiful heirloom storybook that the entire family can enjoy.

The Possum’s Tale is also available as a storybook app.  Compatible with most devices, it can be found in the Google Play Store, iOS App Store, and Amazon App Store.

Simulating an actual book, the app uses page turning animations and accompanying text displayed upon each page.  In addition, the Storybook App provides a, “Read to Me,” function which plays audio, paired with highlighted words, that can help expand your child’s vocabulary.  The app also contains a feature to record your voice, or that of another loved one, to better personalize the story reading, a hidden object game paired with a decoding feature, and optional questions that can be used as introductory topics to deeper conversation on moral reasoning.


Press Release


“Oh look, right there, is that a magic wand?”

It is common to hear this type of reaction from children as they open the book, “The Possum’s Tale.” The story has fabulous rhyme, beautiful illustrations and social dilemmas. All of the high quality features of this book go unnoticed by the children, however, as soon as they realize there are hidden objects in the illustrations!

Issues addressed:






The Possum’s Tale is available in two formats. It is available as a hardcover, limited edition, printed version on and as an interactive app at iOS, Google Play and Amazon.  Simulating an actual book, the app uses page turning animations and accompanying text displayed upon each page.


App features:


Early word recognition

Record a reader

Educational games

About the Author


Kara Peterson, a former middle school teacher, has created an opportunity to discuss difficult situations under the guise of forest animals.

Kara Peterson has chosen to accept many missions:

Warm-hearted wife

Tenacious schoolteacher

Mindful mother of two boys

Thought provoking writer of stories

Kara has gone beyond creating a story with pictures. She loves the challenge it takes to create hidden games, word play and enrichment learning in her tales. Kara embraced technology to design user-friendly, challenging, exciting apps for further engagement.

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