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Must Read Book List

Does your child hate to read?  Would you like a list of high interest books, recommended by their peers?

Download our list of peer-reviewed must reads.  This list is compiled of recommendations from children of many different interests and ages.  There are six different categories included in the list:  board books, read aloud/picture books, early chapter books, easy novels, advanced novels and graphic novels.  What sets this list of, “must-reads,” apart from other lists?  Each and every entry comes highly recommended by other children.

Help your child learn to love to read, give them a book they will love, not a book they should love.


Perfect Book Quiz for Kids

Have you been looking for a book that will spark your child's interest?

Have your child take our Perfect Book Quiz to help them learn recommendations that suit their interests.  Feel free to help them through the questions if needed.  The books included in this list range from good reads for ages 2 through 17.  With 36 different categories listed, your child is sure to find a new read that they can dive into.


Daily Jokes for Kids

Looking for some fresh joke material to brighten your child’s day?  Sign up for our Daily Jokes for Kids email.  Get a fresh new joke delivered straight to your inbox every day that is always kid-friendly.  Children are welcome to sign up as well!  This service is provided free of charge.


Best Games to Play with Kids List

Looking for new kid-friendly games to add to your list? Download our list of Games to Play with Kids.  You will find games to play with kids of any age on our compilation of 28 games!  Separated by age, our list is easily referenced, and with twenty eight to choose from, it should last quite some time.