Purpose of ‘Why’

I am in LOVE with this series.

Each story answers, in some way, “Why” because when my children were little this seemed to be an important question!  The stories are rich in meaning and enchanting.  There are questions through out the app that parents or teachers can choose to “show” so that they can engage with the children on a deeper level.

All of my stories are poems.  I have carefully constructed each line so that the syllables are the same as the other line in the rhyming couplet. For example:

Joey had run errands with his mother before

He was thrilled and saw it as a chance to explore.

This creates a sing-song fun read, which entices children and adults to want to pick this story again and again.

The stories are usually interesting for ages 4-8.  However, because I use poetry and poetry is more difficult to read, the reading level is aimed at ages 7-11.  I believe in children reaching high rather than having their education “watered down”.  There is a “read to me” function, as well as words being highlighted as the reader speaks to encourage early word identification.

It is due to this age discrepancy of interest level and reading level that I first had the idea to create my book into an app.  Please open  “The Game” to read how this app will interest many age groups.

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