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The Possum’s Tale Storybook App is designed to encourage engagement with younger readers.  The Storybook App can be enjoyed by readers as young as 4 years of age.  Containing the full story of The Possum’s Tale, the story can now be enjoyed anytime on your, or your child’s, mobile device. 

Simulating an actual book, the app uses page turning animations and accompanying text displayed upon each page.  In addition, the Storybook App provides a, “Read to Me,” function which plays audio, paired with highlighted words, that can help expand your child’s vocabulary.  In addition to this, the app contains a feature to record your voice, or that of another loved one, to better personalize the story reading.  If you, or another loved one, discover that you aren’t able to make it to bedtime reading, simply record yourself reading the story, and your child can still enjoy sharing a bedtime story with you from afar.  With this feature, a grandparent can purchase the app for their grandchildren and the developers have created an EASY way to record your voice so the grandchildren hear you!  This function is perfect for parents in the military, or needing to work late nights, as they can still read a bedtime story at night.


Hidden Object Game

A hidden object game can also be found within the pages of The Possum’s Tale Storybook App.  Can your child decode the secret message at the end of the story?  There are 51 different objects hiding throughout the pages of the book.  Locate them all to decipher the message!  This task is engaging and fun for children to participate in, and leads to another positive message as a reward for locating all of the objects.  The game within the Storybook App contains three separate levels of difficulty:

Level 1: Find the hidden images.

Level 2: Choose from three words what the image is (for each image).

Level 3: Unscramble the message.

There are a lot of games out there that are just for fun. This game is built upon the basis that a game can be engaging and generate high interest, but also contain educational value.  As a bonus, there is one last game to access, this time just for fun.  Simply visit the iTunes or Google Play Stores and leave us a review, and you will find the final hidden game awaiting you at the end of the Storybook App.


The Possum’s Tale Storybook App Features:

Read To Me Function

Voice Recording for Personalized Story Telling

Vocabulary Expansion with Highlighted Words

Word Identification

Hidden Object Game

Message Decoding Game

Page Turning Simulation

User Friendly