The Game


The Possum’s Tale is available both as a limited edition book and as an app.

There are 51 hidden images in the book and the app.

This game can be played in the book, but it was not designed for this and it will be very difficult. The hidden images in the book are mostly for fun.

It is important to me that my app not be just another e-book. I had a five year spread between my boys and was exhausted at the end of the day. I wanted to create a book and game that could entertain a large range in ages. Therefore, I created a game that had three levels of difficulty so that both young and older kids could enjoy it. 

Level 1: Find the hidden images.

Level 2: Choose from three words what the image is (for each image).

Level 3: Unscramble the message. 


There are a lot of games out there that are just for fun. The teacher in me wanted to create a game that had educational value but high interest. I did and I have a “just for kicks and giggles” game added as bonus material to the very end of the story. It can be accessed once a person goes to the iOS or Android store and leaves a review.

I am eager to hear your feedback, as we are preparing the next book and app in the series!

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