The Possum's Tale: Limited Edition

The Possum’s Tale is the first of the moral stories for children collection presented by Epic Publisher. The story examines more complex situations and offers insight into other characters’ perspectives. The concepts introduced in The Possum’s Tale afford opportunities to open these ethical topics up for further discussion with children. This tale was created to give parents the opportunity to teach children right from wrong and provide advice on how to act morally in a fun, memorable and non-threatening way.

Moral lessons presented in The Possum’s Tale:

  • Bullying
  • Injustice
  • Self-Esteem
  • Empathy
  • Proper Conflict Resolution

Synopsis of The Possum’s Tale

Possum is very proud. He has a beautiful tail and loves to talk about it, but he does not realize that when he does this, he makes his friends feel badly. Rabbit gets angry and devises a way to make Possum stop bragging. Unfortunately, Rabbit’s way to “fix” the problem is permanent. Possum is left sad, not only because of his new tail, but because of the way he treated his friends. The other animals realize that even though their tails were different from Possum’s amazing tail, they have unique and wondrous tails as well.

Unique Features of The Possum’s Tale

Picture Book intended for Older Readers (Ages 6 – 12)

This storybook heirloom is not only designed to engage a younger audience with beautifully illustrated characters and environment, it is intended to become cherished as a childhood favorite that also actively engages older children through the use of poetry and valuable life lessons that introduce moral concepts in a memorable way.

Limited Edition Storybook Heirloom

This keepsake is bound in faux leather with an elegant gold leaf design across the cover.  The Possum’s Tale is limited in printed copies, and is only available while supplies last.  Each copy of The Possum’s Tale is signed and numbered.

Hidden Pictures Game

Hidden throughout the book, readers of every age can choose to participate in a hidden pictures game.  The game encourages higher engagement with younger readers, but can also be played and enjoyed by readers of any age.  There are 51 items hidden throughout the pages.  Can you locate all of them?