Epic Change


Are you overwhelmed by the problems in our world?  

Do you see many issues you want to fix, but don’t know how?  

Me too!   

I have thought a lot about this. I am ready for an Epic Change. 

I know I’m only one person. I can’t fix everything. So rather than getting stuck in overwhelm, I am letting everything else go and picking up the charge for ONE cause. This is where I will donate my money, time, energy, and heart.   

For me, this cause is education. For you, it might be something else.

If everyone picked one cause that touched their hearts and tried to make a difference in just that area, what would happen?

All of the great causes out there would have love poured into them because we would all pick the one that meant the most to us.

No one would feel overwhelmed and just give up. No one would get stuck in helplessness. No longer would you be contemplating fixing the world (a task too Herculean for anyone!).

You are contributing to one cause.

Together, we could all create an Epic Change. 

What is your ONE CAUSE and what one action will you take TODAY to support that cause?