Tween Gift Guide: Unique Gifts for Tweens

Tween Gift Guide: Unique Gifts for Tweens

Those 9-12 year olds… We love them, yet they are no longer kids and not yet teens. What do we call them? Somehow they ended up with the dubious title of “tweens.” The big question is what do we buy for special occasions for someone in this elite group? Read the Tween Gift Guide below to discover some incredibly unique gifts for tweens that go far beyond the mundane!

As a mother of two boys who have made it through their tweens and teens and a teacher specializing in middle school, I love tweens! There are many tween gift guides out there to help you in your search, however this list was created to help you locate the more unique gifts for tweens that go above and beyond the typical, everyday finds. I have compiled a few items – not a lot – that they are all well thought out and should be a gift you can feel comfortable giving as well as a gift the loved one in your life will enjoy receiving.

Before I jump into the Tween Gift Guide and tell you some of my favorite unique gifts for tweens, I want to make sure you know the absolute best gift I have ever found. This is the gift that my 22 and 17 year old boys still talk about. It is the times that we have not given a gift, but instead, a memory. If you can take the time to spend a weekend, day or afternoon with your tween (just you two) doing something that interests them (this is not a “growth opportunity”) you will create an amazing moment in time that can be cherished for many years to come.

Otherwise, I have compiled a tween gift guide that is electronics free!  Enjoy!

Tween Gift Guide

“The Possum’s Tale” | Heirloom Storybook
First up on the tween gift guide list is the heirloom storybook, “The Possum’s Tale.” I love a guilty read! You know, the kind of book I can just be entertained by, but don’t have to think too hard about. Tweens are no different! They are, “too old,” for picture books, but still love them. “The Possum’s Tale,” is created specifically for this age group with 51 hidden images in the illustrations!  Pick up your copy of this limited edition keepsake before it’s too late.  There are only 1000 copies, so your copy will be signed, numbered and have a special quote. These keepsakes are bound with leather covers and gold foil décor, and make for a perfectly unique gift intended to become a treasured heirloom.


  Butterfly Bliss Jacket from Nepal 

This idea was added to the Tween Gift Guide not only because it looks amazing, but it also supports a wonderful cause. Many tweens are starting to pay attention to social issues and injustice. This jacket is the perfect gift for the discerning female youth who wants to look amazing, be a trendsetter, help the women in Nepal and send 71 cups of food to hungry dogs. A beautiful, lasting gift that feels good on a global scale to wear!

 Die Cast Car Collections

Who doesn’t want a Ferrari for Christmas? I maintain that the most meaningful and unique gift you can ever give is a memory.  I think one ideal gift for some of those tweens would be to arrange time to attend a car show, then follow the show up with a die cast metal collector’s car. This is something you can create as a special event that you do together. You can look for car shows near you in the future, then the tween can look online for the car that was his/her favorite at the car show and ask for that for the next gift. (You can do this with any type of event: science museums/collect rocks/fossils/ornaments, etc, ballets/collect specialty dolls).


 Personalized Wall Art

Next up on the Tween Gift Guide list is an idea that can help your tween display their individuality in their own environment.  Fitting in with the crowd is so essential at this age, but each youth wants to feel unique and like they have control over their environment as well. What better way to say, “I value who you are,” then to have them decorate their room in a style that is uniquely them? Vinyl art is inexpensive, easy to apply and there are a large variety of styles. Ideally, sit down with them and look at their room, then look at the website and listen to their ideas about how they would like to update their living space. Then you pay for what they put into the cart. If you are not able to sit with them, send them a wonderful note about how you love what makes them who they are and how the next time you see their room, you look forward to seeing how they made a visual representation of this in their room. Then send a gift card to the wall art site.


Hanging Toiletry Kit 

As a family you may be faced with having to travel often for sports tournaments or vacations. Now that your tween has, “grown up,” he or she is having fun spending time at friends’ houses.  Show your youth that you encourage their independence by giving them a quality travel kit to store their toiletries.  This is a really fun gift if you, “stuff,” it full of favorites when they first get it (I put a paperback from the used books store in it that I knew my son had never read, but would enjoy, an EOS lip balm, an essential oil room deodorizer, sneaker, “balls,” to deodorize the shoes and a favorite pack of gum).  This unique tween gift idea can be personalized in so many ways!


 Signature Personalized Soap 

The days when the opposite sex has the cooties are over. Tweens are entering the stage of wanting to take showers and taking a lot of time in front of the mirror. I love this soap company. It allows you to create a signature soap for the person in your life. Your tween can have their own special scent, label and texture. I created one I called, “Citrus Surprise,” with Lime, Lemon, Lemongrass and Rosemary. I have sensitive skin so I was not able to add an exfoliant, but there are many options to choose from!  Imagine your tween having their own soap that was developed just for them? Seriously, youth eat this up! Receive 15% off of your order when you use coupon code: AWESOMESOAP15


Mystery Puzzle

There are many different mysteries to choose from, most of which have reviews. I chose this one simply because it has 500 pieces. It seems so many people are tuned into their electronic devices. A puzzle keeps everyone focused, entertained and still able to communicate and interact with each other. These unique puzzles have an added layer of fun because you read a story before assembling the pieces about a mystery, then using clues in the puzzle (which is not the picture on the front of the box) you must solve the mystery. This is definitely a week or two long project and makes for great family time which made it so valuable to include in the Tween Gift Guide.


I hope you have found some great ideas for the special tween in your life in this Tween Gift Guide.  This is such a special age group and they deserve a, “shout out,” of personalized and unique gifts that are not the typical gift cards, money envelopes and newest electronic devices. I would strongly recommend that after you give the gift, if you still have an affectionate youth you give them a huge hug! Otherwise, develop a way to show your affection without making them uncomfortable. I went for the, “fist bump,” while my boys went through this thankfully short phase!

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