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Have you heard
The Possum’s Tale?

The Possum’s Tale is the first Fun Why Story, designed to answer some of the significant, “Why?” questions that our children are so fond of asking.  These questions are not only valid, but often we find that they need to be explored at length. This is what lies at the heart of Fun Why Stories. With unique characters and vibrant imagery; Fun Why Stories are moral stories for kids that are both rich in meaning, and enchanting for children and adults alike.

Fun Why Stories are a collection of moral stories for kids written in poetic form, complete with vibrant illustrations.

Why Moral Stories for Kids?

Each of the tales told introduce a different moral concept that can act as an introduction to ethical thinking and an example to encourage deeper conversation.

Unlike classic moral stories for kids, the entire Fun Why Stories collection is written in poetic form. Each line is carefully constructed so that the syllables are the same as the other line in the rhyming couplet. For example:

Joey had run errands with his mother before.
He was thrilled and saw it as a chance to explore.

This method creates a light and fun, sing-song style read, which entices children and adults to return to the stories again and again. This approach enables the Fun Why Stories collection to become an heirloom storybook set that children can readily and easily revisit at any age.

The Fun Why Stories collection is stimulating for children of ages 4 – 8. These stories can certainly be introduced to and enjoyed by younger readers. However, due to the poetry used to express the tales, and the more advanced moral messages of the stories, the recommended reading level is for children of ages 6 – 12. The method for delivering each moral within Fun Why Stories is non-threatening.