About the Author

Kara Peterson has embraced many journeys on her way to writing engaging stories for children and youth.

  • Warm-hearted wife
  • Tenacious schoolteacher
  • Mindful mother of two boys
  • Visionary and ambitious director of a non profit on kindness
  • Thought provoking writer of stories

Kara loves a challenge.  She also wants a book to be an experience.  It was her mission to create a book in different formats that would appeal to many, engage with hidden games, word play and enrichment learning within a deceptively profound story.


About The Possum's Tale

The Possum’s Tale is a story about a prank that goes horribly wrong.  It is an adaptation of a Cherokee legend accompanied by fun rhymes, beautiful illustrations and hidden images.

As the story unfolds, children are naturally drawn into feelings fo empathy and injustice.  In spite of everything that happens in the story, the animals all come to the conclusion that they are special and wondrous in some way.


What sets The Possum’s Tale apart from other moral stories for children?

The Possum’s Tale can be read and enjoyed by readers of various ages.  It is designed to entertain and engage children through beautiful illustration, memorable characters and lilting prose.  In addition, The Possum’s Tale encourages children to explore some of life’s deeper moral questions by presenting ethical issues in a non threatening manner, all under the guise of forest animals.


If you want a copy of the book, grab it while you can!

The actual, hardback book, and there is no softcover, is limited edition!

Possum Tail