The Possum’s Tale | Coloring Book

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The Possum’s Tale Coloring Book includes 20 unique full page illustrations that you can print at your leisure as often as you like to color at home, with the kids, take on trips, and more! Drawn by The Possum’s Tale Illustrator, Venus Nguyen, each page is visually stunning and will provide your children – and you – with hours of relaxing fun.  

Features of The Possum's Tale Coloring Book

Twenty beautifully designed pages

Digital Download

Unlimited Access

Designed for both Children & Adults

Many hours of soothing fun

  Each of the twenty images are unique and beautiful.  The Possum’s Tale Coloring Book contains four distinctive styles of imagery, all crafted by the very talented Illustrator Venus Nguyen.  The different styles provide you and your family the ability to pick a favorite, or print numerous copies of the same page and invite each family member to color it in any stylized manner they wish.  This would invite an opportunity for each family member to display their creation and share why they chose specific hues or patterns for their piece.  

Coloring and Mood

Did you know there is research on the link between coloring and mood? According to an article in Psychology Today, clinical psychologist Ben Michaelis states, “When you are coloring, you are engaged in a highly structured activity that is generally not goal-oriented.  It changes your focus to something more manageable and, as a result, you experience less distress.”  Also mentioned in this article is a 2012 study that indicated that people who took a break from problem solving to complete an easy and deliberate activity had more success on additional tasks.  

A Look Inside The Possum's Tale Coloring Book





The Possum’s Tale Coloring Book is only available as a digital download.  You only need to purchase one copy to have unlimited access to the pages.  Simply download after purchase, save the file to your computer, and print whenever you wish.